Easy DIY Centerpieces with Valley & Co.

When I first stopped blogging and tweeting when I was just a wee lad, I happened upon a a blog that was filled with beautiful pictures of what I thought were dream weddings.  Truth be told, they were dream weddings but not unattainable weddings thanks to the work of Valley & Co.  Aleah and Nick Valley are the power duo behind the event planning company Valley & Co. and it was because of their web site that I was inspired to do my first tablescape.  Their laid back approach to event styling and tabletop decor soothed my fears and I dove feet first into the abyss and have enjoyed myself ever since!  

With the lure of warm Summer nights and the 4th of July just around the corner, I asked Nick and Aleah if they would share some quick and easy centerpieces that would provide a BIG WOW but now big “oww” to your wallet.  Their ideas are simple, quick and best of all, almost everything can be found at your local grocery store floral department.  So without further ado……..

With a few simply tips and tricks you can entertain so effortlessly in the summer months and create show-stopping centerpieces and floral eye candy with on-hand items and a few floral elements. We love to look to our personal collection and flea markets to find inspiration. You’d be surprised at what old apothecary jars, books, trophies, and tin cans can do for party decor!

For a special dinner in a field party we worked with locally grown blooms mixed with edible objects {think summery sunflowers, early season dahlias, apples and sea salt grissini} to create an effortless and vibrant ambiance. We recycled over sized tin cans {check with a nearby restaurant as they might have some to unload} by spraying them with a copper paint and dressing them in peacock-hued scrolling font with our herb table names. Some were brimming with bright blooms and other with food guests could snack on. Our 80′ long dinner table looked so incredible with this variety. Guests were transported into a cheerful and comfortable feast!

Image 6

Image 4

Valley and Co Tin Can Centerpiece

If you’re looking to create a charming and fresh look, check out your local market or grocer for white hydrangea clouds. A few dollars per stem, these blooms do the trick for bringing in texture and a dreamy feeling to any celebration. Not to mention, they are huge so they take up less space than smaller flowers. Want to create a similar look to ours? Take a clear glass vases and wrap a large green leaf around the interior to cover the stems. Fill with water and add one big hydrangea bloom and accent with tulips and ranunculus or your favorite flowers in a monochromatic fashion. The result: crisp sophistication.

Hydrangea Arrangement Valley and Co
Image 5
Image 3

Summertime often means travel and a kind of nostalgia that makes us want to get out and experience. For this setting we incorporate lavish brocade napkins and a rope-studded linen with objects from our own collection for a travel-inspired look. Gold gilded books cinched together with a ribbon looked eclectic and book smart nestled atop a vintage leather suitcase. Look to your home to bring funky objects into your celebration. For flower power check out the market for tropical protea {or pincushions} and line your table with single stems submerged in water. Who wouldn’t love to kick back and sip on a Moscow Mule at a clean, classic and retro table like this?

Image 2

I am pretty sure this week, I will be finishing off some canned goods so I can try to recreate the first centerpiece!  Seriously inspiring and beautiful!  Thank you to Aleah and Nick for sharing your work.  Be sure to visit the Valley & Co. blog for more inspiration from this dynamic duo! 

[Photos: Field photos: License to Still ||| White nautical: Shannon Lee Images ||| Travel: Llanes Weddings ]

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