Motivational Mondays: Multitasking ……

Phone Juggling


I have tried for a very long time to fool myself into thinking I was a good at multitasking.  I have done the eat lunch, take a call, write an email trifecta.  And guess what, I suck at it.  Those experiences leave me frazzled and worse for wear which means I typically need to take time to refocus my energies and thoughts before trudging ahead.

When all is said and done, I think I waste more time trying to multitask than if I just did each task at once and gave it my full attention.  With the business growing, taking on one of the biggest projects to date and potentially getting an intern, I realized I can do more in a day by spending more time on each task.  Sounds strange right?  But if I give more of myself to each project or task, I have found I can flow quickly through a series of items because I am focused and committed to finishing each.   At the end of the day, I may not always be through my to-do list but I am now rarely at my end of the rope — a nice trade-off if I do say so.

So this week, I task each of you to follow a single task through to completion and then start another.  Give your time, attention and yourself to each task at hand.  I think you will b amazed at your productivity!  Have a great week!

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