Motivational Monday: Entertaining …..


Entertaining guests is one of my favorite things.  I love touring folks around San Francisco and wine country, cooking fancy meals and having the opportunity to open the “good wine”.  Guests mean I can splurge on cut flowers, spruce up the guest room and indulge myself a day or two to rediscover the area I call home.  I wholeheartedly believe that being a good host is part of paying it forward with friends and family.

Well for three days…… On the fourth day, you get cold cereal in the morning, directions to the airport and a bus pass.  I say this in jest, but I do believe that there is an art to being a good host and I share my tips and recommendations in my June column for where I discuss how to prep your home for the inevitable summer visitor…..

Special thanks to Kelley L. Moore for allowing us to shoot in her beautiful San Francisco home and my partner in crime Adza for capturing the images.  Writing this month’s column got my itching to spruce up my guest room but alas I think I need to turn my attention to the master bedroom.  So many designs and so little time and money…..

So this week, I ask that you be gracious and kind to those who visit you whether it be at home or work.  Once a stranger but your actions may soon make them your friend!  Have a great week!!!

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