Play Date: Pottery Barn Photo Shoot…..

A few weeks ago, I was asked by the kind folks at Pottery Barn if I would participate in a project they were doing to celebrate summer and to introduce their vintage lawn bowling product.  Somehow, through a random series of events, I ended up being one of the models for the shoot thus leading me to the following conclusions:

1) Models work hard…..

2) Models have to wear uncomfortable outfits

3) Models get to have a sh*t ton of fun while working

The below shot proves my point……


But in any case, check out the Pottery Barn Blog, Inside & Out for the full shoot.  And I think there may be a video floating around in the ether — I will post that to the Facebook page if I can find it!  Until then, you can bask in my feeble attempts at lawn bowling …..which I thought I would ROCK and alas I didn’t which leads me to my final conclusion…..all lawn games are better when you have a cute date and booze!

[all photos courtesy of Kirsten Julia Photography.]

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