Motivational Monday: Pride….

paulocoelho_Voltaire Quote

I had the opportunity to spend yesterday with my dear friend Erin Hiemstra of Apartment 34 as she debuted her design work as part of Sunset Magazine’s Celebration Week Concept House.  Truth be told, Erin isn’t a designer by trade but she is a fantastic stylist who has an amazing eye for detail and can curate a space like nobody’s business.  When she first was approached for the gig, we had lunch and she asked if I would be “annoyed or upset” with her since she isn’t a designer by trade.  Here was a friend with an opportunity of a lifetime and she was asking me if I would be okay……

I paused for a moment because for a second I was totally envious.  I wanted that gig.  I wanted to be the young designer getting his big break.  But then that passed and what was left was pride.  As much as I want my own “big break”, I want to be there to celebrate my friend’s accomplishments and revel in their success.  My time will come.  I  know it.  Patience is something I have in spades these days.

For the moment, I am going to be proud of a friend and join her in her celebration.  So this week, I task you to be uplifting, be supportive and be proud of your friends and family as that only will strengthen you in your endeavors…….

[photo credit: Paulo Coelho]

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