Loving Out Loud: Faribault Mill Wool Throw . . .

I am kinda addicted to throws and blankets.  They occupy a special place in my heart thanks to my maternal Grandmother.  Some of my favorite memories are being cuddled up in the oversized chair in her bedroom, watching TV and sneaking pieces of chewing gum from her stash.  Her wool throw played many an integral role in fort making, super hero capes and soother as I wrapped it around me after a good crying session.

So when I found these Faribault Mill Wool Throws at JC Penney, I was instantly smitten……


They are the perfect size to cuddle up on the couch for a movie or in my case, drape over guests laps as we sit outside during the Northern California “Summers”. Made from 100% wool, they are super soft and machine washable — a plus when you have a pooch who has claimed one for his own!  The best part is that the throws are now on clearance for $36  online but if you have a JCP near you, I was able to snag mine for $10 each (and yeah I kinda stocked up on them!).  So I suggest you run to your local JCP to pick up a few because there are many more forts to build and super heroes to imagine as Summer kicks off!

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