Loving Out Loud: Serena & Lily Spruce Street Sofa…..

So you know I like to break the rules right?  Give the proverbial finger to the status quo.  Be a rebel….well a rebel that wears cable knit sweaters and Chucks……but you get the idea.  Many designers will tell you to keep your large upholstered pieces neutral and then add pattern and color through accents and accessories.  And for about 95% of the time, I totally agree with this statement – a neutral sofa or chair is an investment that will withstand the design whims of the past, present and future.


That other 5% of the time, I wanna be bold.  I wanna be wild and have a little design fun.  I want an orange couch.  Strange I know but ever since seeing the Spruce Street Sofa from Serena & Lily in Saffron linen  I have been obsessed with using it in one of my designs but really, figuring out a way to sneak it into my home.  The profile of the arms is perfection – thin but not dainty and the cushions are top-notch.  So while I dream about how to wedge yet another piece of furniture into my house, I thought it would be fun to use the Spruce Street Sofa as the inspiration for a little mood board that pulled into some pieces from my Joy & Revelry shop …..

J&R Mood Board


For the walls, I chose Clay Beige OC-11 by Benjamin Moore.  It’s a warm beige color that changes from grey to beige to at times even blue depending on the light.  It is the perfect foil to the other pieces in the space.

Now I just need to find a place to put a sofa……..

Have a great weekend!

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