Motivational Monday: Focus…

Napoleon Bonaparte Quiet Mind Quote

This weekend I was TIRED.  I mean like single Mom with three kids working two jobs to make ends meet tired.  Everything in my body ached and my head was heavy with thoughts.  I had no reason to have this kind of malaise — it was like a heavy blanket and been draped over me ….. muffled, restricting and uncomfortable.  So I took Saturday to do nothing…..

Yes.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.

And to be honest, it didn’t work.  Sunday, I felt worse and all I could do was shower and lie on the couch and watch Netflix.  As I laid in my semi-comotose state, I thought “Enough Courtney.  Enough.  ENOUGH!”  So I turned off the TV, sat on the floor and breathed.  And let all the racing thoughts run their course.  And for a moment, it was quiet…..the house, my head, my life and I felt better if only for a moment.

So this week my challenge is to quiet my mind so I can think.  As I continue to work for myself, I learn something new all the time.  And I have come to realize, I suck at multi-tasking…..I am really good at focusing on one thing and moving quickly to completion then switching focus to another task.  But two or three things at once?  Nope – it takes me longer and I always have to circle back because I something was left out.

Here is to finding your focus and achieving your goals!  Have a GREAT week!

ps:  Start pinning!  The Joy & Revelry Pin It To Win It contest is still going on!

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