Motivational Monday: Standing Out…..

Standing Out

I am an outgoing person for the most part.  Well that is until I get home and I feel like a peacock on parade.  I spent three days in Ohio handling some family business and I found myself being self-conscious, moody and turning in.  It was junior high all over again and it was horrible!  Insecurities popped up that I had not felt in years.

What got me through was the above quote – it was something I found years ago and taped to the inside of my Trapper Keeper (yes I am that old).  Every day when I walked through the halls and sat down for my first class, I read it to myself.  I was different and that was okay.  My differences were going to take me further than anything else.  So this week remember that is our differences that make us so wonderfully unique and make those around us admire and stare.  Stand tall, throw your shoulders back and know that you are the embodiment of everything you want to be…..

Have a great week!

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5 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Standing Out…..

  1. There is something about going “home” that can bring those old feelings out. Yuck. It’s the most comfortable place to be and also the most uncomfortable too. This post is great though, and that quote so true.

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