Play Date: Home Depot Patio Style Challenge….

A few weeks ago, The Home Depot approached me as well as several other bloggers to see if we would be willing to work with them to rethink the outdoor spaces of our respective homes. Y’all know I love me some HD, so it was a pretty easy decision to say yes and be on my merry way to refreshing our patio……

HomeDepotChallenge-38Check out the post on The Home Depot blog, The Apron to see the patio refresh as well as the quick and easy DIY projects I incorporated into the design. Thank you again to Home Depot for including me in this awesome bunch of bloggers and DIY forward-thinkers!

On a side note, High Point is going really well and I am tired to the bone. Looking forward to a quiet weekend filled with sleep and no fried foods…..I would be willing to give up sleep for a week to avoid fried pickles again (look at Instagram and you will understand)….

Talk soon love bugs!

[photography: photo by adza]

7 thoughts on “Play Date: Home Depot Patio Style Challenge….

  1. I’m trying to click your link to HD blog, but it keeps telling me I don’t have access. I really want to see what you did for them!

  2. I love your space! Seriously, it is classy, and beautiful, and so darn peaceful feeling. We live on five acres of land and I would love to have such a warm and inviting space like that. The previous owners cleared all vegetation around the house, so we have started from scratch. It is still too wide open, but we’ll get there.

    • We were lucky that the hedges were there and have grown nicely. Honestly invest in trees – it’s the biggest bang for your buck! But there is something to be said for having 5 acres of open space!

      • As a side note, we have one of those succulents at the top of this page. Did you know they are poisonous?! We didn’t when we bought it, but a friend told us to avoid getting the white liquid anywhere near our eyes. I love it though – so I’ll just avoid poking myself in the eye with one of the branches, you know, because that happens all the time. 🙂

      • Really? Interesting because I didn’t know that but we don’t have kids and our dog is more of a pee on it than eat it type, so we are good. Well that is until I trip and stab myself in the eye.

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