Motivational Monday: Taxes…..

Roy Rogers Tax Quote

Pay your taxes – today is the last day to file!  So I guess there isn’t much “motivational” about taxes, but honestly, they are essential and more importantly, y’all gonna go to jail and meet a woman named “Big Bertha” or a dude named “Tiny” (and he isn’t going to be small…) if you don’t pay them.

As a small business owner, quarterly taxes are my friend.  They keep me honest and on my toes.  However, they are a pain to do and I just like the majority of folks, wait until the 11th hour to get them done and file.   So I totally understand your pain but I see each of you as friends (even the peeps I haven’t met yet) so I am pleading with you, don’t ignore them — just get ’em done and cry yourself a river later.  Because I can pretty much guarantee that you will be crying anyway once Tiny and Big Bertha are done having their way with you……

So trudge through it and be strong!  If you need help with completing your forms, look here for assistance. And a reminder that most cities will keep their main/central post office open until 10pm tonight.

Good luck!

[This public service message as been brought to you by the letters “I” (Incarceration) and “T” (Taxes).]

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Taxes…..

  1. The thought of Big Bertha coming at me is motivation enough!!!!!! Geez…we wait every year until the 11th hour, too, and this year was no different. I just finished completing the filing extension papers, in fact, and am headed to the post office to drop them off. I HATE tax time, so I always drag my feet and get all bitchy. I usually work well under pressure and kind of enjoy having deadlines to meet, but NOT when it comes to paying taxes!!!!!

    Have a great Monday, and thanks for reminding us to do our stupid civic duty!

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