Round Brass Pulls….

I have received ALOT of emails and tweets asking where I found the brass pulls I used for my side table makeover…..

I tend to collect this kind of stuff especially when I see it at a good price.  It’s no secret that hardware can totally transform a piece of furniture but I have always had a difficult time finding simple hardware that doesn’t break the bank.  So when I stumbled upon these brass ring pulls, I totally turned into Gollum from Lord of the Rings (dork alert!) and became possessed with making them “my precious…”

Fortunately, you don’t need to turn into a 4 ft scary hairless creature because you can find the pulls here……


The pull is the Hickory Hardware P3190 Transitional Camarilla Ring Pull (that is a mouthful) and it comes in three different finishes.  FYI, I opted to spray mine rings to make them more of a gold tone so you won’t find the exact finish I used on the site.

So stock up!  And let’s just keep this our little secret……

Have a great weekend!

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