Motivational Monday: Dreaming….

Victor Hugo Dream Quote

This weekend my dreams and reality met, shook hands and became friends.  No I didn’t enter a committed “thruple” with David Beckham and The Partner (still dreaming that one!) but I did have the amazing opportunity to spend the last few days being part of the San Francisco Style Summit through Joy & Revelry , a new online destination for home decor.  Along with a host of other fantastic bloggers, I spent the three days discussing the launch of something that I have always dreamed of… own store!

Joy And Revelry Style Mavens

Yuppers folks, I along with the beautiful ladies above have been selected by Joy and Revelry to be part of their inaugural Style Maven crew.  Each of us over the next several weeks will be rolling out our respective store fronts on the Joy and Revelry platform.  This is the real deal y’all – I get to choose the vendors, the product selection down to how the store will be viewed by you all –  I get to concept and create everything – I am literally tingly with anticipation.

This weekend, we shot photography as well as video at a beautiful home in the East Bay.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw a flurry of shots of the team in action.  You also got to see the craziness that we ensue to get the perfect shot and the sheer number of people it takes to make something look effortless.  From my sore areas, bruises on my shins and mangled manicure, there is nothing effortless about styling a photo shoot!  Here are a few of my favorite behind the scene moments……

clake running

Running between two different shoots ….. and pretending that I wasn’t stressed.  Sorta reminds me of a designer pink flamingo – just minus the pink….


Poor interns! They had to clean that gigantic fireplace, load it with firewood for the shot and then unload it afterwards…..

Leaf Blower Shot

But never let it be said that I didn’t do my fair share of the grunt work… I busted out the leaf blower so I could get the perfect shot!

Summit Foursome

And this is my favorite shot from the weekend….laughter, photography and a touch of neon pretty much sums it up!

Now what lies ahead is the hard work…long hours, tough decisions and the possibility of failure.  But in the end, nothing venture, nothing gained right?  We rarely get the opportunity to turn a dream into a reality, so I am going to savor the moment and then dive in head first!  Stay tuned for updates on when the store goes lives and some awesome things we have in store just for you….

Have a fantastic week and keep believing in your dreams because they can come true!

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Dreaming….

  1. Captured perfectly Courtney! It was pure joy meeting and getting to know you better (any guy who calls me gorg is my new bff:). I feel the same giddiness, and feel honored to be sharing the floor with you! xo

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