Pen To Paper: Oakland Kitchen….

I am working on a kitchen remodel in my backyard…..figuratively and literally since the clients are my neighbors.  They have asked me to help them rethink the small and outdated kitchen in their bungalow.  They love modern mixed with classic and want something that feels warm but not overly traditional.  We talked alot about the different finishes that they like and I interpreted their likes through my design filter to create a concept that is warm, modern and harks back to the home’s roots……

Oakland Kitchen 1

Oakland Kitchen 2

(sorry for the odd tinge of yellow on the shots – the drawings were done on trace paper and the lighting is off…)

Initially they wanted butcher block countertops but were afraid of the maintenance associated with them, so I reinterpreted the wood and placed it on the walls in long horizontal planks.  The wood will give them the warmth they crave as well as give the space a modern look.  A classic gas stove, apron front sink and hinged arm sconces are a reference to the age of the home and are the perfect foils to the modern update.  Throw in some Calcutta Gold Marble for the countertops and the back splash and we have the basis for a nice melding of classic, modern, warm and new.

Okay, I am off this weekend to participate in the Joy & Revelry Style Summit with some amazing designers and bloggers.  If you get the opportunity, take a look at the site and let me know what you think.  Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and take some time to relax….you deserve it!

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