Loving Out Loud: Windswept Tile by Jeffrey Court….

Sometimes you run across something so wonderful….so great….so magical that you want to hoard it for yourself.  It’s like that one time I found a unicorn that pooped Snickers and could do taxes.  Yes, it’s THAT special.  But then you realize that sharing is caring and you have to let the world know about your secret, so I am letting the cat out of the bag…..well the tile that is…..

Tile Love 2

“Windswept” by Jeffrey Court is a beautiful tile.  A 13″ x 13″ marble mosaic tile, it  reminds me of a higher end tile made of onyx and quartz from another manufacturer.  If you read that last sentence correctly you saw I inferred it wasn’t expensive and you would be right; at $17 a sheet from Home Depot it is practically a steal.

I presented the tile as an option to a budget-minded client for their kitchen remodel.  They wanted a classic look with a nod to modern…….

Tile Love

I suggested that they go with a large format 8″x12″ Cerma Marfil Gold marble tile as their backsplash, a beautiful honey quartz for their countertops and use the Windswept as an accent border.  The mosaic tile is the perfect tie-in between the two other stone surfaces and provides a beautiful palette of grey, honey and creamy white to decorate the rest of the kitchen with.

While we all loved the idea, we didn’t end up going with concept.  In a twist, actually they went with an even better one I think – a tad more daring but still appropriate for their home. Excited to share the concept sketch with you next week!

Until then I will be hanging with my unicorn friend enjoying a delicious Snickers as he explains tax shelters to me.  Have an awesome weekend!

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