Play Date: Mark & Graham Spring Tablescape…

I don’t know about you but I am immensely enjoying the fact that it is still light outside after 6pm.  I can honestly say I am d-o-n-e with winter and before you say it, I know my version of winter consists of 55 degree days, no snow and the occasional super-warm-sunbathing-I-can-wear-a-tee-shirt-day.  I  have zilch to complain about. Nada.  Zip It.  Shut yer’ yapper……

But honestly, even the mild Northern California winters can get the best of a person.  So it was no surprise that when the team over at William Sonoma’s newest venture, Mark and Graham contacted me to create a tablescape to celebrate Spring, I wanted to create something that just vibrated with vitality, life  and freshness.  I brainstormed everything from indoor picnics to an outdoor BBQ.  While the table may have ended up indoors, my design was definitely inspired by a spring garden……



As I said, I wanted freshness and vitality, so I stuck with the thing we most closely associate with Spring – flowers and greenery.  I created 11 different individual flower arrangements  surrounding a larger centerpiece.  This arrangement gave me the flexibility to use the arrangements through the rest of the house once the party was over.

I limited my color palette to green  through the cut flowers and the peat moss placements and white.  In case you were wondering, the pea moss placements were a lucky and inexpensive find at the craft store which created the background for the rest of the place setting – the floral dinner plates, the wooden cutlery  and the monogramed napkins.  On a sidenote, this is my first time having something monogrammed – I think I am hooked!  A healthy dose of glass, crystal and reflective metal finishes were added to the mix to create a modern take on an indoor garden party…..

Swing by Mark & Graham’s blog mgram to see the full tablescape,  see how I incorporated the other products from the Mark & Graham line and what I am coveting for Spring.

Mark & Graham Screenshot Cropped.jpg

So what are your weekend plans?  I am going to be elbow deep in my patio preparing for another shoot on Sunday and prepping for client meetings that kick off on Monday and go one a day for the entire week.  Can’t complain too much since the last two weekends found me in wine country and Palm Springs.

Yeah when I say it out loud, I don’t feel bad for me either……

[Photo Credit: Photo by Adza//Styling: Courtney Lake]

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1 thought on “Play Date: Mark & Graham Spring Tablescape…

  1. This is a beautiful, beautiful place setting, Courtney, and I SO agree with your idea to create the smaller arrangements as satellites to the larger one so you can use them around the house later. Smart move!

    I will be on the lookout for those moss mats. I’ve not seen them anywhere around here…but I guess I haven’t really been shopping all that much lately, either! Still trying to save those pennies! 🙂 Enjoy your excruciating weekend! 😉

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