Pen to Paper: Display Wall…..

I have been helping a great client slowly add a final layer of “finish” to his downtown San Francisco condo.  You may remember the Jill Malek wallpaper I put up in his office a few months ago.  He is a young professional who wants to balance his clean aesthetic with some more fun pieces, so the wallpaper was the perfect jumping off spot for his space.  He recently asked me to think of some ideas for his living room, in particular, he wanted a way to have storage and display space.

I saw this as a great opportunity to forgo the traditional floating shelf or gallery wall of art for something a bit more fun and sculptural, so I proposed this….

Hawthorne Wall

With some many straight lines in  his space, I thought it would be fun to play with an irregular shape that could double as an art installation.  I was inspired by some pieces West Elm had a few years ago but I wanted them on a larger scale and with more irregularity.  I envision oversized trapezoids, lop-sided squares and a bunch of other shapes that would make a geometry teacher cringe arranged in a perfectly haphazard way on the wall.  It may not be earthquake friendly, but it is oh so design awesome…..

The client loved the idea and we are now working with the carpenter to figure out the details and shapes.  Will keep you updated but for now, it is back to lounging by the pool in hot and balmy Palm Springs…..

Have a great weekend!

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