Motivational Monday: Friendship….

George Washington Friendship Quote

This weekend  I was fully immersed in a beautiful environment that was focused on celebrating success, life and new beginnings.  My friend Kelley invited several of her friends up to wine country to spend the weekend at a mutual acquaintances vacation rental.  The home and the grounds were stunning and set the mood for a great weekend that was filled with relaxation, food and fun……


Sonoma 1

Sonoma 2

Sonoma 3

Sonoma 4

But while the setting was beautiful, what was really beautiful was the amazing group of people who gathered to celebrate Kelley.  Dynamic, funny and honest, these ladies were empowering in a way that was refreshing and recharging.  It reminded me of how important it is to surround yourself with a select few who push and motivate you.  Too often we gather toxic people in our lives and wonder why we have stalled.

As Spring approaches, I encourage each of you to do a little spring cleaning of your personal lives.  Find those weeds that are choking your growth and lay seed for those who want to see you blossom…..

Have a great week!!!!

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