Wonder Dog Rescue….

Almost two years ago, 13 pounds of furry love found his way in my home and heart…..


I love my dog Scruffy more than I thought I ever could.  Yes, he annoys me, occasionally opts to use my antique rugs as his personal porta-potty and is a total bed hog but I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful pet.

Scruffy’s presence our lives is due to a fantastic San Francsico-based organization  called Wonder Dog Rescue.  Headed by the wonderfully kind Linda Beenau, Wonder Dog Rescue is dedicated to saving small to mid-sized dogs in all stages of life from kill shelters.    Linda and her team tirelessly travel throughout Northern and Central California saving dogs, nursing them back to health in some instances and finding foster & permanent homes for those adorable canines…..

Wonder Dog Collage

We were introduced to Linda through word of mouth and could not have been more pleased with the experience.  Linda personally interviews each foster parent and potential adoptee, explaining the unique nuances of your potential pet and what special needs they may have.  As I said, Wonder Dog is dedicated to rescuing dogs in all stages of life, so there are some dogs that may have emotional or physical needs that may exceed the normal standard of care but Linda provides counseling and support for those of you seeking the challenge and reward.

However, all of this hands-on support comes at a price.  All the dogs are fed and housed by Wonder Dog until a suitable foster home is found.  In addition, no dog is put up for foster or adoption without having been given it’s shots and a clear bill of health.  Last, Wonder Dog is committed to ensuring all of their rescues have happy and fulfilling lives so they state that any time during the dog’s life you are unable to care for it, simply call the team and they will make accommodations  to keep the dog until another suitable home is found.  Dedication like this takes money….money that Wonder Dog is tight on now.

Donations are appreciated and needed to ensure a no-kill shelter like this can continue to do it’s amazing work.  Aside from money, you an donate food, pet supplies or your time as a volunteer at the shelter.  Or you can follow the route that The Partner and I took and foster a dog until a suitable home can be found.  Just be careful because you may end up with another member of your family….

*All the dogs pictured above are available for adoption or fostering.  Inquire at 415.621.DOGS for more details.

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