Motivational Mondays: Humor….

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I have never forgotten to breathe.  I have never forgotten to walk my dog.  I have never forgotten to pay my bills.  Why?  Because I make those things a priority (actually one in an involuntary reaction but you get the point…).  They are important and therefore they happen.  Back in the day laughter was of the utmost importance to me.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t work in an environment where I couldn’t laugh.  When I worked in corporate America, I often told the members of my team that at the end of the day, if they could still crack a joke they would be fine.  And I wholeheartedly believe that …..a good laugh (and a good cry on occasion) can cure alot of things.

This weekend when my friend cracked a joke about my work, and a good joke at that,  I grew annoyed and not amused.  That was a wake up signal for me that I needed to find the humor in my work yet again.  In my world, humor equals joy and is the joy that gets me through my tough days.

So this week, I encourage each of you to laugh.  Throw your head back and cackle like a hyena.  Laugh with the abandon of a child.  Crack a corny joke and relish the smirks and the eye rolls of your co-workers.  But most importantly, never let the stresses of the day rob you of your ability to smile and find the humor…..

Have a GREAT week!

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