In Bed With H.D. Buttercup……

Last week I had a threesome.

Erin from Apartment 34, myself and the newest retail outlet from H.D. Buttercup had a torrid afternoon between the sheets.  Well not exactly but all the facts are true…..

Fact #1:  H.D. Buttercup’s linen and bedding store, In Bed with H.D. Buttercup did invite Erin and myself over for some fun….

Fact #2:  I did play with bedding and at one point in time, found myself in bed with Erin.

Before you think I switched teams or Erin is leaving her husband, the folks at In Bed asked Erin and myself to stage their storefront windows, so it was entirely legit.  The In Bed retail team opened up their entire store to Erin and myself to choose whatever we wanted from their amazing selection of American, Italian and French bedding to dress the windows and their magnificent beds.  With florals provided by their in-house florist shop, Louesa, it as an amazing afternoon full of silk, Belgian linen and crisp sateen cotton; seriously this is the kinda of stuff that makes this designer’s heart go pitter-patter.

Honestly, the before isn’t too bad.  As I said, Erin and I each got a window and were given free rein in the store.  After looking around the store for inspiration, I ended up right back where I started and found it in the wonderful florals from Louesa….


I was drawn to the cherry blossoms designed my entire window around their wonderful pinky-purple hue….

Lead Shot_InBEDHDB

I find purple to be my “new black” .  It is a wonderful neutral that looks so amazing with some many colors, in this case, shades of pale blue.  The bed is a wonderful collection of  printed linen, batik and tie-dyed silk….yes tie-dyed.  Bringing back the 60s in a new way folks!



Back Shot

Basket Shot


As I said, I have to give props to the amazing floral shop attached to In Bed, Louesa, run by the amazing renaissance woman Louesa Roebuck.  The shop is a tiny amalgamation  of foraged florals, art, pottery, keepsakes and delicious potions and lotions.  It is a bit of nirvana and the perfect embodiment of its owner…..

Louesa_Opening Shot

Dressed in skinny leather pants and a band leader’s jacket, Louesa is effortless chic and that is what you feel in the shop.  She walked Erin and myself around the shop rattling off tales of how things came into her possession from the concrete vessels that house her foraged floral creations to the amazingly simple yet beautiful brass and silk bracelets that Erin and myself quickly coveted…..







So while I may have lured you in tawdry solicitation, I think it was well worth it to introduce you to this wonderful San Francisco gem.   If you want to go see Erin and my windows, head over to In Bed as our creations will be up another month.  So does anyone else have the urge to go make their bed?

And be sure to swing by Apartment 34 to see Erin’s bed!

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9 thoughts on “In Bed With H.D. Buttercup……

  1. Oh my goo-ness.. this makes me want to tie dye my sheets. I love tie-dye, Your window came out so cute! I love the cherry blossoms, I assume they are fake but they look so real, where can a boy like me get his hands on those?? Great work as usual Courtney!

    • Thank you. And no – the cherry blossoms are real. The attached floral shop Louesa provided them and will be replacing them throughout the month — they are such a beautiful touch and I think make the space.

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  3. Purple as the new neutral = brilliant. I can’t believe how beautifully those cherry blossoms work with your bedroom vignette. So pretty!

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