Motivational Mondays: Plagiarism ……

Dean Inge Plagiarism Quote

So I typically try to start the week off on the right foot but this weekend, I was informed by a few of you loyal readers that some of my older content was being “syndicated” across another individual’s blog.  On one hand, producing content that fellow bloggers and online content creators want to share with their readers is flattering and always appreciated.  However in this case, it’s pretty much a slap in the face and a kick in the proverbial design gonads…..

This particular person just wasn’t “sharing” my old content but was taking credit for it as well.  Recipes, DIY projects and vignettes were lifted from the blog, pictured cropped and copy modified – essentially my work and thoughts are being used by someone else to a means to their end with no credit to me.  I am angry and disturbed by the actions of this person because it seems so deliberate.  The amount of energy and effort they put into lifting the content could have been better suited creating their own original content.  Part of the struggle is enjoying the victory, so how hollow must their success feel when it is gotten by ill will?  How can you look yourself in the mirror and say you do “good work” when you steal it from others?

I won’t be sharing the web site that has my content on it as I refuse to give them more traffic, but I have since sent an email to the person requesting the content be removed and for good measure, I asked them to post an explanation of why the content is no longer available.  In the end, I know that no idea is “original” and design is just about finding a few perspective, but still……

As I start the week, I am trying to spin this experience into a positive and a learning lesson.  Within every setback is a nugget of wisdom, so I am going to take the week to find mine.

Have a great week!

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Mondays: Plagiarism ……

  1. Oh – ick! I simply cannot understand people who do that.
    If the email to the blogger doesn’t work I have heard that you can let either Blogger or WordPress know (whichever platform this person is using) and they will look into it and maybe remove the material. Good Luck!

  2. Oh man! What a jerk, to not credit you – link back – or ANYTHING? Lame. Good thing you wrote them and good thing you wrote this, sometimes (especially with so many blogs popping up DAILY) people need to be reminded some of the do’s and dont’s of blogging – and stealing is such a taboo. Even “featuring” etc is great & flattering but has it’s rules (linkbacks, hello!) that some people just can’t figure out. I’ve had to “educate” some people now and then that simply stating where they saw it isn’t enough, links people. links.

    I guess for a positive spin, feel good that your work & creativity are so damn good people are linin’ up to copy it. Hehe.

    So, Did they take it down?!?

  3. These are the very people who make blogging such a nightmare for us sometimes!!! It is just sickening. I have been asked why I plaster my company name so large across my photos, and this is the answer. I put that watermark dead center so any cropping they do would just look crazy. It’s a shame that we have to defile our own work with watermarks just so that lazy good-for-nothing thieves won’t defile it in a different, more sinister way. I hope that person has a conscience. If not, I hope YOU have a good lawyer!

  4. I’m so sorry to hear this – what a rotten, shameful thing to do! Good luck dealing with the plagiarist, and please keep us posted on your success. -EJ-

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