Loving Out Loud: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid….

They say that scent is the sense most strongly associated to memory which I think is true.  I remember the scent of my Grandfather’s clove cigarillos mixed with his aftershave.  Whenever I smell vanilla I remember my Grandmother baking on Sundays.  And the smell of baby powder reminds me of my Mother.  So it should come as no surprise that I love wearing cologne…..

Okay, full confession time here.  Like 1 billion teen boys in the 90s, I doused myself in offending drug store body sprays and lotions.  In high school I upgraded to Drakkar Noir and was pretty much in cruise until college.   To earn extra money, I worked the perfume counter at Macys and was introduced to a whole new world of fragrance.  The lead sales person on the floor explained to me that fragrance should draw a person in, not repel them.  It should be subtle, an intimate experience that happens when someone enters your personal space.  It should make a person linger on their mind, not on their clothes…..

I still carry that advice with me and with each new fragrance I try, so when I tried Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, I was more than pleased with the results.  It’s warm, dark, floral and sensual……like me!  No seriously, when I wear it I think of this….


Tuxedos, negroni on the rocks, city skylines and of course orchids — I feel sexy with the fragrance.  I feel like I could go to the opera, hop in my Jag and then fly to Hong Kong for the weekend while closing the big merger for my imaginary company.  Yuppers – this stuff is the pretty damn awesome.

So tell me, what is your signature fragrance?  Or even better, what is the one smell you love the most?

Today I am pulling fabrics for window blinds and prepping for two photo shoots next month!  Busy and blessed…..

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2 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Tom Ford’s Black Orchid….

  1. Hi Courtney–
    Interesting that you are loving a Tom Ford fragrance– I just ordered a small amount of his Violet Blonde and love it. I live out in the Styx– no Tom Ford retailers here–so I try to find an online sample seller which is not easy to do.
    I am currently loving Bond No. 9 “I Love New York–for All” fragrance. There is also an I Love NY for both men and women, but I adore the unisex fragrance. I don’t know how to describe it, but if the word “plush” could be made into a fragrance, this would be it. It has hints of tobacco smoke, pepper and vanilla. From the description of your memories of Grandfather and Mother (smoke and vanilla), you might want to check it out– it is sold at Nordstrom here. Also, Tom Ford has a “Tobacco Vanille” fragrance that I am dying to try. (All this Tom Ford talk makes me want to watch “A Single Man” again!)
    I so enjoy reading your blog, especially the entries about growing your business and the lessons you’re learning along the way. I also like catching glimpses of what you’re wearing –so refreshing to see a nattily dressed man 🙂 ~ Carolyn in Salt Lake City

    • Thanks Carolyn. I am kinda odd in that I am a one cologne kinda boy and I tend not to repeat often. For years I used Marc Jacobs and enjoyed it immensely, but then I wanted something new and the Tom Ford fragrance just enthralled me, so I will be with this until the bottle runs out then it is decision time on whether to continue the love affair or go elsewhere. But thank you for the kinda words. The blog is a bit of a dog’s breakfast of me — the good, bad and well dressed 😉 Thank you again for reading….

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