Motivational Mondays: Problem Solving….


Last week was a testament to problem solving on two different projects.  I found myself dealing with this…..


My client’s couch would not fit up the stairs of their San Francisco Victorian home.  Actually it would fit up but the movers the retailer provided refused to touch walls, lift over the banister and only would do two turns…or so they say.  So I was stuck with half a sectional on a busy San Francisco street corner for three hours.  A few phone calls, some artful pleading mixed with some muscle (and bit of prayer) and the couch made it into the space.

I ended the week dealing with this….


The crew was all set to hang a fairly large chandelier in a client’s condo.  Upon hanging the fixture, we found three inclusions on the chandelier which meant it had to be taken down, repacked and a replacement ordered.  However, the wonders of a cell phone and a good relationship with lighting rep meant that the replacement will be here this week and the install isn’t slowed down.

Through it all, I realized that the trick was not allowing myself to get consumed in the misery.  Believe me, I did have at least three breakdowns and at least one thought of closing shop and moving.  However, it was important to take a moment, compose and keep moving because the problem wasn’t going to solve itself.  So on this Monday, I encourage each of you to start your week looking for solutions rather than being afraid of the problems because they will always exist.

Mucho love….

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