Loving Out Loud: Muji Cotton Canvas Back

I have hit the age where carrying heavy loads hurt my shoulders.  Between schlepping fabric swatches, design boards, my computer, tile samples and everything in between my neck and back ache for days.

Vainness prevents me from getting a rolly bag, so the only option left is a backpack.  Before you get visions of me in some poly, padded shoulder monster, think again.  This backpack is going to for my off days — where you have too much stuff just to shove in your coat pocket but not enough to warrant a full on “mote” (definition: a “mote” is the male equivalent of a tote bag).

So enter my solution…..

Muji Backpack

The Muji Cotton Canvas backpack is a thing of beauty.  It’s simple design is reinforced with the company’s selection of the material.  It’s machine washable and only gets better with each washing.  It is the perfect size to throw my laptop, a magazine, iPhone and a few other essentials.  Even better that is doesn’t play havoc with my shoulders and neck – success!

At only $35, it is also an economical option for those of us who go through our “motes” faster than Kim Kardashian goes through black men (yup, I went there…).  But now I am curious, what fashion concessions have you made since getting older?

Okay, I am at the Hawthorne building all day today – I am overseeing the install of my 4th project in the building but I am also we are professionally photographing the first project I completed in the building.  I can’t wait to share it with you all….well that is unless some snazzy magazine wants to share it first!

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