Loving Out Loud: Copper Floor Lamp….

Good design is a series of building blocks.  Put them together and you have the makings for success.  Urban Outfitters put this rule to the test with their Five-Arm Copper Floor Lamp….

Urban Outfitters Copper  Floor Lamp

Clean modern design coupled with the rosy hue of copper is a winning combination in my book.  It is simple without being elementary and sleek without being spartan.  Because of this, it can easily go in a contemporary room as an accent lamp or in a more traditional room as a focal point.

Truth be told, I liked it so much that I ended up buying it myself for my guest room to use as a bedside lamp.  It was the perfect foil to the strongly patterned duvet and chair that exists in the space already.

The lamp is currently on sale for $150 plus free shipping!  Yeah sometimes, you find bright ideas in unexpected places.

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