Motivational Monday: Beauty

Aldous Huxley Beauty Quote

If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you know that this weekend I freaked the f*ck out over a haircut.  A seriously bad and unflattering haircut.  It made me look like Rog from the show “What’s Happening”… is that bad.  After the haircut, I retreated to my house, drew the curtains and bemoaned the cruel state of the world.  I literally sat  on the couch watching DVR, alternating between tearing up and stuffing my face with whatever variation of junk food we had in the house.  Evening finally approached which meant plans with friends but I found myself less than enthusiastic to venture into the city.  I was self-aware, hyper critical and basically a massive “Debbie Downer”… I tried to cancel.  Actually I did cancel.  I was prepared to sit shiva at the loss of my hair.   However, it was revealed to me that the reason for that night festivities was to celebrate me.  A group of my friends along with The Partner were planning a surprise birthday party.  Needless to say I felt lower than poo, so I rallied and ended up having a fabulous time….albeit with a stylish beanie cap on the whole night.

On Sunday, I sat in bed basking in the glow of love and  friendship, realizing I could have missed all of that because I let my vanity get in the way. I was left with a profound sense of shame that I let one bad deed derail my day.  A simple haircut threw me in a tizzy.   I was intoxicated by my own doubts and perceptions of how I should present myself to the world.  So wrapped up that I was willing to let beautiful moments escape me….all because of a bad haircut.

Reality Check.

This week is all about “detoxing” and sobering up to the reality of my own standards of beauty.  Time to stop drinking my own “haterade” and water all those things that make me beautiful, handsome and special.

To each of you I wish the same!  Have a great week!


3 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Beauty

  1. A ‘bad’ haircut NEVER looks that way to others. Trust me – I’m 51 and have had some howlers! You’re right to realise it’s just you who sees things that way – smart guy eh?!

  2. Happy Birthday Possum! And just as well hair is only going to grow – I look like the female version of Corey Haim as a teenager at the moment LOL – cow lick & all! – too hot to wear a beanie though!! (you look great as awlays anyways!) Love your blog today though – good timing for me too! thanks for the reality check! #offtofindahairband……..

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