Profile: Luke Austin – Furniture Maker……

Luke Austin_WalterBlodgetQuote

I had the opportunity to talk with Luke Austin, a California-based furniture maker for FOLK Magazine’s blog about his career path, his love of wood and what clients should consider before pursuing custom-made furniture.

I have been lucky enough to work with Luke on at least three different projects for clients and each time, he has impressed me with not only his cool demeanor but more importantly his ability to look at a piece of wood and tell you what it should be.  I jokingly call him the “Wood Whisperer” as he is completely attune and is able to unlock the potential a piece of wood has to present the best piece of furniture possible…..


But then I am bias….why else would have used him for most of my projects?  As I dream of new ways to use Luke and his wood whispering abilities, why don’t you go check out his profile on FOLK?

Have a great weekend!

[photography: Photo by Adza]

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