Loving Out Loud: Powerpig Photography….

What happens when a photographer with a subversive sense of humor, an affinity for pop culture and a love of Legos decides to meld them together?  You get one of my favorite emerging photographers, PowerPig ….

PowerPig Collage

Combining super saturated colors, pop culture references and a healthy dose of irreverence, Powerpig’s photography has a twisted innocence that reminds me of part 1990s Japanese anime and part Damien Hirst.  It’s saccharine sweet with a dark subtext – totally up my alley.

I recently pitched two of his pieces a client …..


PowerPig_Fortified with Vitamin S

The first is called “Outbreak” and I think would be completely appropriate (and rightly hilarious) in the client’s bathroom, while the second picture is “Fortified with Vitamin S” and I can see hung in the client’s kitchen.

While PowerPig’s art isn’t for everyone, it fulfills the three criteria I have for selecting art for a client – (1) it provokes conversation, (2) reminds me of the client’s personality and (3) elicits a smile each time you look at it….

And honestly, I am grinning from ear-to-ear right now……

PowerPig photography and other artwork is available via Society6.com.

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