Motivational Mondays: Appearance…

Mark Twain Quote 2

Hello World!  It’s me in my underwear on the Internet.  As you can see, I have the body of a Greek Adonis  – chiseled, refined and oh so masculine.  But I am nearly naked for a reason….

Some people may call me a clothes horse or a fashionista but honestly, I used clothes as a way to hide in plain sight.  My outfits were a type of armor I put on daily to project an air of confidence.  Board meeting?  Armani suit.  Dinner with clients?  APC Jeans, Theory blazer and Prada loafers.  Brunch with friends?  Black Fleece cardigans and Marc Jacobs pants of course.  I was spending a ton of time, money and energy creating a persona when I could have been expending the same effort investing in my spiritual and emotional well-being.

When I left corporate America and started to freelance, something odd happened.  I found myself some mornings  simply too tired to contemplate an “outfit”.  GAP replaced Armani and Converse Chucks became my shoe of choice.  I was running from meetings with vendors to dusty job sites to the design center with a healthy dose of dog walking thrown in and my old way of dressing seemed forced.  What was once a shield had become a burden, a well-heeled weight around my neck.  But something else happened, something more profound than realizing jeans worked better than dress pants for my new life.  I found that I wanted people to HEAR me rather than SEE my outfit.  When I walked into a meeting, I wanted people to notice my ideas, not my coat.  All my time in corporate America, I doubted I had the skills to do the job I was in, so I used my clothes to project that confidence.  However, doing design, I love what I do and am pretty darn good at it.  My confidence comes from within now – not from a label.

Which brings us back to why I am in my underwear?  I promised myself for 2013, I would edit my closet to  have only those pieces I love and can use for work and play.  I am giving myself free rein to play “dress up” in my closet.  So I tasked myself with a challenge, take one piece from my closet and style it three different ways.

So this week, I am dedicating the blog to styling this jacket…..

GAP Army Jacket

Tomorrow the challenge begins…..( and I promise I will be wearing pants.)

Photography by: Desi Arnaz Hyter

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Mondays: Appearance…

  1. I love it! I worked in corporate design before switching to residential and what you say totally resonates! I dress differently for the same exact reasons. I try to look good, but am more practical about it. Can’t wait to see the rest of your installments!!

  2. Very insightful Courtney. I love your writing as well. Proud to see you are developing yourself and showcasing who you are and what you are about rather than what you wore and how much you spent. Bravo!

  3. Well, okey dokey!!! 🙂 THAT’S quite a way to get a Monday going!!! You’re so right, though. Our confidence needs to exude from within. It took me a long time to realize that myself. You are wise beyond your years.

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  5. What are we interior designers resorting too? Porn now? My goodness Courtney…. standards!

    Much love for sharing your feelings… something I think we all felt at one time or another. I too used to play dress up in the beginning and then when I realized that it was all about my skilz and not my dress… things changes and I ended up looking like a skinnier version of Michael Kors and Project Runway. Cause I’m Fierce that way.

    And now…. though I have my signatures like my untied Hermes bow ties and my patent leather hugos … my closet really is filled with not much more than a sh*t ton of H&M V-Neck t-shirts, mocasins from Nordstrom, and my one lone Zara blazer.

    And fur. Yes… there must always be fur.

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