Last Minute Gifts…..

So I think there may have been a bit of a snafu when it came to the Target +Neiman Marcus collaboration.  Maybe the price points were too high for Target’s core demographic.  Maybe trying to order merchandise across two stores and their respective web sites caused them to over order.  Or maybe the Christmas spirit has hit these retailers (not) but for reasons unknown to me, the entire collection is now 50% off in-stores and online.

If I was searching for a last-minute gift, I would go directly to the home collection by Joseph Altuzarra……


This cocktail set would make a perfect last-minute gift.  The shaker is now on sale for $24.99 and the cocktail glasses are $24.99 for a set of four.  Pair this with a good bottle of scotch and you potentially may have a friend for life ……

However, what I was giddy as punch over was this beautiful tray…..

Altuzarra Tray

Seriously peeps, the pictures don’t do it justice.  It’s massive, heavy and if a tray could be sexy — it is sexy with a capital “S”.  Never mind that it is now on sale for $40.  I liked this tray so much that I bought on for myself and one for a client for his coffee table.  Pair it with a great coffee table book and you have given someone special a major injection of home decor style for not alot of cash.

One final furniture delivery today and I am done for the year….well not really but it felt kinda nice to pretend and say it!  Hope you all find some time to finish your holiday chores and take a moment to enjoy it.

Happy Holidays!

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2 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts…..

  1. When I first heard about the NM/Target collaboration, I thought I was having a 1960s flashback. That just didn’t seem possible! I think you’re right in surmising that perhaps the price point was too high for the Target customer base. We win! 🙂 I would love that shaker and those glasses…very Rat Pack! Merry Christmas, Courtney!!!

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