Another Hawthorne Project…..

Working in earnest on a new condo at the Hawthorne building – this would be my third to date.  While the others have been a mix of traditional and contemporary, this one is 100% modern.  The client is a young professional man who loves clean lines, no clutter and isn’t afraid to make a statement.  So pushing the envelope, I suggested we hang Jill Malek’s luci della città wallpaper in his office.

To my surprise, he said yes and after some back and forth with my wallpaper installer, we put the paper up this week…..


When I returned later that afternoon, I gasped.  It was more lovely than I even imagined.  I think at one point, I high-fived myself (note to self…hire an assistant for these moments).  I am so pleased with how it looks in the space, especially since it is the first thing you see when you walk into the condo…..


It sets the tone for the rest of the space and is the perfect jumping off point for the deep dusty blues, oranges and grays we have in the space.

Up next is finding the perfect media console for the space – which I have an idea for but I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the client.

So what is on your weekend agenda?  Mine?  A little work, a little Art Murmur in Oakland and rotating my closet officially to winter…..I don’t think I can justify wearing seersucker or linen jackets anymore.

Have a good one!

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