Loving Out Loud: Modern Brass Trees ….

Things in my home have to play double-duty.  Decorative boxes hide remote controls.  Wall sculptures become coat hooks.  My oven doubles as shoe storage…..you get the picture.  So I have always had a bone to pick with holiday decorations for that reason — they are single use decor.  For 90% of the year, they are stored in the garage taking up valuable space for say….shoes.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across these modern brass trees from online retailer Jayson Home…..

Jayson Home Brass Trees

These adorable beauties run from $28-$46 but make the biggest impact when grouped together (remember – the rules of odd number pairings!).

Perfect for the holidays, but just as nice for year round decorating.  These will definitely find their way into my holiday table.

So tell me, do you have any holiday decor items in your home that sit out year round?  Share them with me on FacebookTwitter or Insta.gram.  In addition, feel free to check out me out on  Pinterest  for my musings on design, food and just plain randomness.

ps:  My Joss and Main Curated Holiday Guide is still going strong!  Swing by and take a look at my selections.


4 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Modern Brass Trees ….

  1. I know I’m probably a weirdo but I do actually have this Santa snowglobe that stays in a glass cabinet in our living room. It was given to me by a very dear (but passed….) friend and from time to time it’s music box goes off which kinda creeps us the f**k out but reminds me she’s thinking of me.

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