Inspirational Monday: Process…..

You may have noticed that on the blog  I have been slowly changing things as it relates to my posting.  Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of design, things I am flipping my wig over and the occasional rant but I am also incorporating back in an aspect of the blog that somehow got buried….me.

Mind you, the blog has always been about “me” but if you read my earlier posts, I was quite open with my thoughts, feelings and at times tribulations.  The blog was part journal, part DIY gallery but 100% me at that moment in time.  Somewhere, along the way, I got tied up in being polished, buttoned up and not genuine — in essence, I was not being “out loud”and fully honest.

With that in mind, my Monday posts are going to be about me, in particular what has inspired me over the weekend and placed me on the path to start my week.  I know many of us struggle with Mondays so I thought this was a great way to not only make sure I got my week off on the right foot but potentially help others as well.

This weekend I was struck by the concept of “process”…..or better the journey through the creative process and remembered this quote from Maya Angelou …

Butterflies Quote_Maya Angelou

And why exactly was I wondering this?  Well it was because of my Christmas tree. I was decorating it and for some reason had to stop to run an errand.  I returned  to the house and looked at the tree and was struck by how much I didn’t like it.  It looked cheap and unfinished – and then I stopped realizing I was doing the same thing my clients do many times during the design process.  I was critiquing an unfinished job.  As I tell client’s it will get ugly before it gets pretty.

This week I want to focus on the process, the journey and not just the destination because it is over this course of events that I learn the most.  And in case you were wondering, I continued to work on the tree and it turned out pretty damn fab after some tweaking …… pics to come shortly.

I am excited to begin this week – it’s full of projects for clients, dinners with friends and maybe a little holiday shopping for me.  So tell me, are you gearing up for the holidays?

ps:  My Joss and Main Curated Holiday Guide is live.  Pick up a gift for someone on your list or yourself.  I won’t tell…..

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