Motivational Monday: Moving Forward….

I can only speak for myself but the holidays for a small business owner can be both a blessing and a curse.  Existing clients want their projects wrapped up so they can begin the new year fresh, old clients seek your advice on decorating their homes for the holidays and new clients want to begin projects in the hopes that Santa will find a way to finish them before Christmas.

Believe me when I say I am truly blessed to be in this position, but at times I feel that I am in the trenches with no end in sight.  When I get that feeling, I look to this quote …..

This weekend I had a similar conversation with a friend who was hosting her first family gathering for the holidays and was feeling a wee bit overwhelmed.  She fretted that the cranberry sauce wasn’t going to be perfect or the turkey would be dry.  She was worried about when she was going to put up her Christmas tree.  As we talked, her list of stuff continued to grow and eventually I gave her the same advice I gave myself here. Every journey, every right of passage, every process has an end – it’s a fact (I looked it up Wikipedia).  The outcome may not be always what we want it to be, but if we focus on getting through the rough patches and not wallowing in the delicious misery of the situation, we will be better for it.

So my friends, as we enter firmly into the holiday season, don’t stress.  Work will find its way to completion.  Presents will be bought.  Dinners will be cooked.  Because in the end, the “hell” we see it now will be the fond memories we will cherish in the future.

Happy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Moving Forward….

  1. I needed this too. It’ll all work itself out and we are so thankful to have our health (is what I try to tell myself when I get stressed). Thanks for this encouragement.

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