“E” is For Exasperated …..

Happy Monday and the start of the holiday season.  I for one am excited to see such a wonderful year winding down so gloriously and for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.  However, one simple email from a reader sent me into a tizzy…..

Hi Courtney –

Love your blog and super excited to see what amazing tablescape you come up with for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Are you doing your white Christmas tree again this year or something completely different?  I loved last year’s and know you are totally going to top it this year.

All the best –


Sweet email right?  Encouraging and a little ego inflating — seriously all the makings for a perfect email.  However, it sent me into overdrive this weekend sketching out tablescapes, organizing holiday ornaments and trying to schedule time for when I was gonna bake holiday treats.

I looked up for a moment and thought to myself (in these exact words)…”WHAT THE F*CK AM I DOING?”  As much as I love decorating and entertaining, I realized that running myself into the ground wasn’t worth it this year.  For the last 11 months I have lived by the mantra “what value do YOU derive from doing this task…”  That little saying has helped guide me in making decisions both personal and professional.  So I applied it to this scenario and I realized I don’t reap a huge benefit from going overboard this holiday season.  Sure the accolades from fellow bloggers and readers is nice, but that won’t help with the other aspects of life and running a business that I need to handle.

And what solidified it for me was this quote….

So rather than be exasperated for the holidays, I am choosing to be excited.  For this holiday season, I make this pledge:

I, Courtney Lake, of sound body and mind (occasionally) chose to:

1) Have a pretty house over a perfect house.  No one will know the difference …

2) Buy it, rather than bake it.  Sure, home-baked goods are a treat, but I know a few entrepreneurial Grandmas who can be bribed ….

3) Experience the holidays rather than direct them.  Everything doesn’t need to be planned….sometimes I need to enjoy the scenery as it passes by….

4) Be present rather than give presents.  Between The Partner, family and friends, many times I spread myself too thin and deprive them (and myself) of truly being present in the moment.  It may mean missing some things but in return I will be able to fully enjoy the things I am at….

Will this get me new readers or fans?  Probably not.  But I am pretty sure it will give me back a piece of myself and that is potentially the best present any of us can give ourselves.  So as we enter this holiday season, take a moment, relax and enjoy because we only get so many of these and they should be cherished.

Much love!

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8 thoughts on ““E” is For Exasperated …..

  1. Hi Courtney,
    I appreciate the simple things you share and have never commented before but truly love your idea of what does doing this do for me! Remember to Kiss-keep it simply stupid and you and we your readers will thank you for it. Have a blessed holiday season.

  2. Courtney – you are awesome and do so much for people year ’round. That’s what counts. The holidays are about looking back and appreciating everything that has come and looking to new beginnings – not presents, mass quantities of food and all of the other hub-bub (although those things are fun!). Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts 🙂

  3. HOORAY! Now I don’t feel so bad! Always nice to hear others are feeling the same way! Now – just for those with ‘expectations….’!

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