Traveling In Style….

While I do alot of traveling for work (and some for pleasure) I don’t particularly enjoy the process.  Packing, organizing and of course the airports.  Since 9/11 the strict airport security precautions basically leave me feeling a little worse for the wear.  Long lines, evasive searches and less than nice TSA agents have taken their toll on me.  I remember as a little boy going to the airport was glamorous… Mom got dressed up, my step-Dad wore a tie and I always got a new outfit for the plane ride.

However, since you basically have to strip to go through security, long gone are the days where dressing up is an option.  But I do like to try to look stylish and while a suit and tie aren’t in the cards, you can definitely mix it up to be stylish and airport “ready”.  So here is my take on traveling in style……

For me, regardless of gender, nothing is more glamorous than oversized sunglasses.  However, here they serve the added purpose of hiding dark circles and puffy eyes from a red-eye flight.  As for the outfit, I like to keep it simple — a striped tee, light coat, dark denim and slip-off shoes.

And I know that roller suitcases are easier to maneuver around but sometimes practicality needs to be tossed out the window!  So why not rock a purple duffle?  It is the perfect pop of color in a pretty monochromatic outfit….

Peacoat: Sandro USA/ Shirt & Jeans: Agnes B/Sunglasses: John Varvatos/ Shoes: John Varvatos for Converse/ Duffle: Jack Spade

Wanna recreate this look?  Here’s how……


Okay, time for me to do some work so I can spend the rest of my time in Palm Springs, drinking excessively fruity drinks and taking dips in the pool in our back yard.  Speaking of the house, it’s pretty awesome…. see pics of the house and of my shenanigans on Insta.gram.

Have a great weekend peeps!


2 thoughts on “Traveling In Style….

  1. Love your travel style. I’m heading to NY in a few weeks and will be taking along a similar outfit (inspired by your post), but will be changing out the slip-ons for boots. Thanks for the inspiration!

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