Well Furnished …

Necessity is the mother of invention….

Or at least they say.  Frankly, I am too lazy to invent alot of stuff.  However, I did win my 6th grade science fair for inventing a way to control fungus in closed environments using slugs and snails.  (yes I was a huge dork and spent alot of time in the library…)  Recently  I was introduced by a mutual friend to  Tapan Bhat, the Founder  of Well Furnished.  When Tapan was remodeling his own Northern California home,  he was overwhelmed at the sheer amount of furniture choices out there — in particular the sheer amount of BAD choices there were out there.  So Tapan created Well Furnished …..

Think of it as distillery of all the best features of your favorite social media sites but exclusively for home furnishings.  You can search across over 50 of the top retail sites and build out collections and inspiration boards for your reference.  In addition, Tapan and his crew have been hard at work connecting with a multitude of designers, like myself, to build our own collections so you can browse top picks from designers and see what is new and emerging in the market place.

Lastly, Well Furnished has a fun blog which I recently contributed to about the power of pillows.  If you know anything about me and my designs, you know that I love a good pillow – from Target to Kravet …. a pillow can pull a room together.  Aside from french fries with garlic aioli, pillows rank pretty high on my love list.

So in any case, I digressed.  I love browsing Well Furnished as it allows me a one-stop place to see what my fellow designers are doing as well as take a quick pulse on items that are trending.  I love it and think you will too….

But you know what else I love…..Mondays!  I ADORE them….seriously, there is nothing better…….

(I am totally lying.)

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One thought on “Well Furnished …

  1. Courtney, you’re singing my song today … from pillows to french fries to our mutual love (really it’s hate) of Mondays.

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