Loving Out Loud: Custhom Wallpaper…

I am always looking for interesting artwork or objects to decorate client’s spaces.  I love using every day items and repurposing them in slightly different ways.  One of my favorite things is framing wallpaper – I know it isn’t revolutionary but with the influx of new designers putting products out there, you can find some amazing things to frame.

Case in point is the awesome Columbia Road wallpaper by Custhom in the gold color way . . .

The gold leaves on the paper are similar to watercolor and it has a beautiful etherial quality.  Sold in 20″x40″ sheets, the paper when framed makes a huge impact on a wall — when grouped like the shot below, the results are simply stunning ….

At $50 per panel, it is an economical choice too!  If getting the paper professional framed is outside your budget, think about mounting them on scroll rods from Ikea.

So what have you used in your own home that is was “atypical art”?  Today I am off to finalize a few items for a new install!  This portion of the job is the most exciting and fun!

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3 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Custhom Wallpaper…

  1. Mm! I’m loving that wall paper. Agreed, it’s really great in a group of frames. One question, what’s up with the chair? Gonna reupholster? 😀 Thanks for sharing Courtney!

  2. I hung my daughter’s beautiful christening dress on the wall, and hung up my great-grandmother’s hats. I don’t know if it’s “art,” but I get a lot of nice comments.

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