Life Of A Sketch….

If you have been reading the blog for any length of time, you have read about my trials and tribulations when it comes to rendering and sketching.  It has been something that has thwarted me to no end.  However, this last year I was lucky enough to have a great instructor who took tremendous amounts of time and energy to work with me.  I am forever thankful to Jen and her patience and tips. In the end, the main thing I took away from my lessons was this — I am not an illustrator.  It is not my job as a designer to sketch in every detail in exact scale but to merely provide the client a visual of the concept.  I can take liberties.  I can be a little messy.  I can fudge things a bit.  It doesn’t matter!  The client just wants an idea and that is what I am giving them…..

I thought it would be interesting to show how I go about the process of sketching a room for a client presentation, so here we go…..

This is the rough pencil line drawing from a one-point perspective on vellum.  If you notice the spot on the back wall with radiating lines, that is my vanishing point which I use to align all the objects in the room to give it depth and perspective.  Things are quickly outlined in pencil – the lines are medium weight so I can erase with ease and get things the way I want.

Once the drawing is to a point where I feel comfortable with it, I make a copy of it onto white paper.  That will be my master copy which I will keep in my files.  I can now make multiple copies for color studies or to test ideas.  If the drawing will be used for a presentation, I reduce the size to about 75% — it gives the drawing some “breathing room” on the page and to be honest, drawings look better smaller — the “mistakes” aren’t so glaring.  At this point, I like to go over the drawing with a fine, black felt tip pen — I think it makes everything “pop” and look crisp. The drawing above is at this point…..

And this is what was presented to the client for the presentation.  I used Prismacolor markers as well as colored and watercolor pencils to fill the picture out.  Before the presentation, the drawing was cropped out using an Exacto knife and mounted on black craft paper.  It’s a nice way to finish the drawing for a presentation plus clients tend to love to keep these drawings as mementoes of the process.

Again, I profess to not being a great drawer but I have come leaps an bounds from where I was last year.  The sketch proved invaluable in imparting the mood  I was hoping to give the space.  The sketch was able to take what would have been a huge pile of random objects in the presentation and giving them order and purpose.  And in case if you were wondering, the client loved the concept and signed off on the project.  So we are now off to turn this sketch into a reality…..

Speaking of reality, I am getting a big, cold dose of it thanks to being called in for jury duty.  However, as much as I complain about it, I am not that upset by the prospect of being selected – it excites me a bit actually.  It’s a nice reminder to see our legal system at work …..”judged by a jury of your peers…”

So what are you doing this Monday morning?

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