Red Jeans….Know How To Party….

I have never been a party goer.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to have fun but my idea of “fun” never included keg stands, deafening music or being crammed like sardines in a bar.  If I am going to party, then I wanna have good food, space and my friends …… and perhaps a little disco.

So when I got the red jeans, the first outfit I put together was this feisty homage to the 70s.  I dug deep to find my inner “Disco Stu” and pulled together what I think is a modern take on the era that I would easily wear around the office or for a night with friends…..

Now if you wanna copy this shag-a-delic look…..


So I have three meetings today before I can call it quits for the weekend and enjoy my visiting family.  Fingers crossed everything goes well and I get to bust out this outfit and party down with the family!  Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and happiness!  Flower child out!

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