Loving Out Loud: Organic Modernism Texas Dining Table …

Happy Columbus Day!

I know some of you are enjoying a day off, but some of us (me) are prepping for a long day of work.  This week has me thinking about knots – in particular all the ones in my neck and back but also about tables.  I am currently beguiled by sculptural furniture  – those pieces that not only serve a purpose but also can stand on their own as graceful works for art.  I think it is like getting a “twofer” (insert 30 Rock joke…).  I think I may have found the perfect option for my needs in the Texas Dining Table from Organic Modernism….

Hand forged in brass, the Texas table is dynamic but still organic.  I can see my young client hosting plenty of dinners around this table and it moving effortlessly through the multiple stages of their lives.  My stomach is in a knot waiting for them to reply whether it is a go to purchase or not….

So as I sit and wait, tell me what you did for your weekend or if you are enjoying your one additional day of freedom.

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3 thoughts on “Loving Out Loud: Organic Modernism Texas Dining Table …

  1. OK, Courtney, I ‘m not gonna lie….I clicked on this because I thought the title read “Loving Out Loud: ORGASMIC….”!!! Now that I have settled down and put my eyeballs back in my head, it’s all good! 🙂 What a COOL table!!! Your client will be the toast of the time with this one!!! Hope they go for it!

  2. The table is To. Die. For. It reminds me of the desk in Aerin Lauder’s NYC office at Estee Lauder, although the Texas table is more free form. Sometimes I google the photo of the Lauder desk just to “visit” it and say hello– and now I’ve got a second table bookmarked to “visit”. Thanks for the daily dose of pretty 🙂

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