Halloween Snacks ….

If there was ever an occasion or holiday to go thematic with food, then it would be Halloween.  However, there is a fine line between maintaining a “ghastly” theme and producing ghastly food.  Personally, eating dismembered body parts, having dipping sauces resemble blood or trying to recreate decaying flesh are all not appetizing — actually peeps they are the opposite.  They are a sure-fire way to ensure that you are left with a ton of leftovers at the end of your party.

Stick with these three quick recipes and you will not only score major kudos for serving yummy treats but also major kudos from your friends for being so creative and witty…..but then if I serve enough booze, my friends compliment me on the chips I serve, so take it with a grain of salt….

Use your favorite deviled egg recipe and “bedevil” them with red pepper horns and chive beards.  For an upscale twist, use red caviar in lieu of the red peppers for something that will surely have your guests signing away their souls for another bite….

Puff pastry wrapped around your favorite sausage is never a bad thing to serve your guests.  Add pimento for “glowing eyes” and you have the perfect bite sized treat for your guests.

Take a sheet of puff pastry, use a pumpkin cookie cutter, fill with your favorite sweet or savory spread such as pumpkin and ricotta or sun-dried tomato pesto, a quick egg wash and bake until golden brown.  This appetizer is classy enough to be served not only at Halloween but at Thanksgiving!

So to recap – no blood, not guts, no body parts – but all “bewitchingly” delicious enough to be served for your next Halloween party!

I am so inspired that I am off to pick up some fixings for a little weekend gatherings!  How are you gonna kick back and relax?

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Credit: Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes & Gardens


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