On The Road Again….Boston

I always found Fall to be a relaxing time period.  It has always meant a time for nesting, curating my life and pumping the brakes after a hectic Summer.  However, Fall around here is pretty much full steam ahead!  I apologize for the lack of posts over the last month but I had to make a conscious decision that something had to give and sadly it was the blog.  I am determined to get back on the saddle come October but for now, I am on the road for a solid week.

First off this week is …..

Funny in that this is my first real trip to Boston.   In my past life, as a marketing executive, I came to Boston for work but it was literally all work and no play.  This time around aside from work, I am including a few hours to stroll the neighborhoods and shopping haunts.  Today, after my afternoon meetings, I took a meandering stroll through the city center and was smitten with the city’s architecture …..

I also snuck in a few minutes to visit the freestanding Bonobos men’s fit boutique.

If you aren’t familiar with Bonobos and their amazing men’s pants then you are missing out!  Perfect fit and amazing colors – their hip to waist ratio is spot on for my body type which is how I tell if I am going to spend an insane amount of money at a store.  In any case, they recently expanded their offering to include denim, shirts and jackets so I had to try everything on!

A few more appointments and then I am off to my favorite city in the world….NYC!  So while I am  here, got any recommendations for other things I need to see before my time in up in  Boston?

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One thought on “On The Road Again….Boston

  1. If you have a minute, you should see the interior of the old side of the library in Copley Square (make sure to enter through the square, or you’ll end up on the side built in the 70s, which is decidedly less beautiful). It’s absolutely gorgeous, with a fantastic outdoor courtyard.

    And if you’re around for happy hour, minibar has a fantastic lychee martini!

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