Monday Quote….

Whoever said this clearly never ran their own business or had to make a living.  A Monday without meetings and a week without a single engagement typically means one of the following:

1) I am in jail and need bail money

2) I am being held hostage and need ransom money

3) I am dead

Fortunately, this week looks to be a great week but I think that is in part due to the great weekend I had in Seattle!  My business meetings went extremely well and I was able to sign a new client.  In addition, I was lucky enough to pick the brain of the beautiful Beth Dotolo of Pulp Design Studios – sweet as pie, sharp as a tack and pretty as a flower is the best way I can describe that lady. And I gorged myself at a fantastic BBQ place called Bitterroot  – can you say fried catfish and cornbread with peach bourbon martinis?  HELL YES!

So there is alot to accomplish this week and even more that I am putting on the back burner since I am heading to Boston and NYC starting on Sunday.  Things are steamrolling here and in full effect this Monday, but I am curious, how do you like to kick off the week?

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