Seattle Bound…

Tomorrow I head to Seattle for a bit of work as well as visit some friends.  I can’t help but think of the movie Sleepless in Seattle each time I visit the city.  Aside from the fact that I think it is a great movie, the above quote from Meg Ryan’s character always struck me as profound especially since it came from a 1990s romantic comedy.

What happens if life is just a series of accidents – some happy while others sad?  No amount of planning or forethought will change what we consider destiny because there is nothing to change – it is all happenstance.  The planner in me thinks that is all baloney and likes to chalk up my successes to hard work and determination.  Yet, there is a part of me that enjoys the idea that life is a series of occurrences – random tidbits that we have strung together with a narrative of our own making to make sense of it all.

I know this is a little meta for a design blog, but a friend asked me how I was able to get so many clients so quickly.  I replied to her “it is all happy accidents mostly”.  For example, I am meeting a client today in Seattle that I was able to sign thanks to a happy accidental meeting of a friend in Paris which led to a referral and now I find myself in a plane to the Northwest.

Call it what you want but these happy accidents have made me quite grateful and fully cognizant that I have been extremely lucky for a young designer.  However, as my friend also pointed out, I have worked my arse off, made plenty of mistakes and fought hard to gain their confidence.

Happy accidents may have led to the opportunities but hard work has led to the successes.  I need to remember that last part more often….

So for those of you in Seattle, do you have a favorite furniture or retail shop I should hit up during my time there?  Shoot me an email or comment on Facebook or Twitter .  You can also check out my Seattle adventure on Insta.gram (CourtneyOutLoud).


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