It’s “Delightfull” & Delovely……

First and foremost, thank you for the comments, tweets and emails regarding my post about my “life lessons” as I navigate owning a design business.  I keep telling myself it is a process; an ongoing journey where mistakes will be made but hopefully they will provide opportunities to learn and one day laugh!

The other big life lesson I have learned as of recent is that I don’t do well tethered to a desk all day.  I need the opportunity to get up, explore and discover!   Life is not lived through a cell phone or a laptop, so I am reworking my schedule to find me in the “field” at least 2-3 days a week looking for design treasures, new artisans, vendors and connecting with other designers.  One of the reasons I felt so alive during my trip to Europe (aside from it being vacation…) was because I was out and about.  I loved discovering those little alleys, talking with merchants and every once in a while finding a gem that I knew a client would  love, which is why I was so thrilled when I stumbled up Delightfull Lighting while window shopping in a lighting shop in Barcelona.

A touch of mid century, a dash of European glamour and a hint of modern aesthetic make for amazing and intriguing designs that my clients are flipping their wigs over.  I am smitten with their suspension lighting and am actively pursuing how to work one into my next pitch ……

Oh sweet mother of lighting, discovering resources like this makes me immensely happy and inspired which is something I have not been feeling as of late.  Excuse me while I do the ole’ ancient ritual of the “happy design dance” – it’s sorta like a secret handshake but resembles the funky chicken……

As I work up a sweat, spill the beans and share what is the most delightful and lovely lighting fixture you have seen as of late?

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2 thoughts on “It’s “Delightfull” & Delovely……

  1. Yes, I’ve just discovered the same thing too! If I give myself permission to do active, out-and-about things in the mornings, I get the same amount of work done in a shorter period of time later on. I think it’s easy to get stuck on this idea that if we’re not sitting down, we’re not working. So not true. Especially in creative fields, it’s vital to go out and be inspired by the world.

  2. It’s crucial to make sure you get up and out–that’s for sure. It makes certain that the blood your brain is using to create these amazing designs keeps circulating and doesn’t end up all in your bum! or better yet, your bum doesn’t end up falling asleep! :o)
    But seriously, it’s great to get out and allow for the outside world to stimulate your brain no matter what profession one may be involved in.
    Best of luck Courtney as you try this new work tactic!

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