Loving Out Loud: Christen Maxwell …

I refuse to believe that Fall is upon us.  I am clinging on to the notion that we can still have afternoon wine parties and  leisurely dinners that last until the wee hours.  Nothing is as wonderful as those days where your friends and family sit in your kitchen as you cook, partially helping but really just there to keep you company.

Now for my kitchen, we have a great island that anchors the space and somehow over the last four years, we have never bought stools.  I think it is partially because I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t overly industrial or overtly feminine and comfortable.  Truth be told, I have a bony butt (TMI) and this boy likes a lil’ cushion for the sittin’ so sitting on a hard metal or wood stool for an hour even while sipping a California wine isn’t my idea of fun.

Well thanks to Christen Maxwell, I think I may have found the perfect stool.  It’s upholstered (yah says my butt!), it’s geometric (yah my need for clean lines) and it’s brass (yah for my new obsession!)….

So what do you think?  Would you snap this beauty up for your own space?

Today I am sitting at the home office going through paperwork and wrapping my head around a project that I need to start.  It’s one of those design projects that I am looking for a sign – that spark of inspiration to get the creative juices following,  If something does happen soon, I may be reduced to using peyote and having a “design vision quest”!  Here is to a productive and happy week!

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