Random Musings On a Friday Morning….

This last week has been a hodge podge of activities that has left me a little confused, a little frustrated and alot tired.  Just to share with you here are a few of my random thoughts and conversations….

Me to Vendor:

“So you are saying that the [carpet] runner should have a large seam in it?  Hmmm.  Okay, so let’s circle back to the other sticking point.  It is still the wrong carpet…..”

Vendor to Me:

Vendor: “I can totally do a stainless steel top.  I just need to find someone to do it for me.”

Me: “Ummm I thought you were a stainless steel fabricator specializing in table tops?”

Vendor: “We are but we don’t have anyone on staff who does that work…”

Me: “Okay.  Bye.”

Me To Client

Me: ” You do know that a 60″ TV and custom cabinetry is going to take up the majority of the wall space right?”

Client:  “I was hoping to hide the TV, but I don’t want doors, fabric or art in front of it.  Is that possible?”

Me: “No.”

Client to Wife

Husband: “I want lounge chairs in the living room.”

Wife: “Well I want to be 20 pounds lighter and have an orgasm every night.  Sometimes you don’t get what you want.”

Me: “Excuse me, I think my phone is ringing…”

Yes, all the above things happened this week and no I couldn’t make this stuff up if I wanted to.  I am going to try to plow through the next day and a half so I can spend the rest of the long weekend doing nothing but frantically pulling together outfits for yet another photo shoot, but this one involving me.  While I typically love a chance to be a fool in front of the camera, this week all I want to do is sit on my couch with Tivo and bag of Doritos – yes it is that kinda weekend.

However, I am going to put on my big boy Underoos and get started with my day. And before I forget…..

Enjoy your long weekend and be safe!

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5 thoughts on “Random Musings On a Friday Morning….

  1. I really don’t ever comment on here (even though I check you, er, I mean your blog out every day), but this is just too hilarious not to! Do you ever just stare at people and wonder how they’ve managed to make it this far??? (c; Have a fantastic weekend…on the couch or otherwise (c:

  2. Oh, my goodness….even though I’m sure it didn’t seem funny at the time, it sure is funny as hell now!!!!!!!! Sorry you had such a weird week. I hope the weekend brings you crunchy Doritos, seamless Tivo shows, and a comfy couch that makes you feel ALL better again!

  3. Hillarious as ever! Hope you had a great weekend. I worked in real estate many years ago, and going into people’s homes is a real eye-opener. Of course you have to deal with all those vendors too. But over the years you will have your own little list of tried and tested vendors who you know will do a great job for you and your clients. Onwards and upwards Courtney!

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