Wallpaper Happy Dance…

I am struggling this morning….errr afternoon hence the late blog post.  I think it is partially due to the fact that this weekend was a working weekend.  I spent Friday night and Saturday morning prepping for a Halloween tablescape shoot – imagine about 3 pounds of dried flowers, branches for days and enough candles to put the Phantom of the Opera to shame.

Saturday evening was working with one set of the Hawthorne clients to hang artwork and finally get their dining table delivered.  Yes, the dining table that arrived like this…..

Did I mention that this was the THIRD table to be delivered?  Fortunately the third time was the charm and this table arrived pristine, much to the client’s (and my delight).  However, it did arrive 3 hours late and took over an hour to install – but alas that is a small price to pay.

Sunday, I found myself at a marathon tablescape shoot to document my newest Halloween “creation”.  It is a twist on last year’s concept that I was super pleased with and I think the magazine will be too.  Oh yeah, I didn’t mention – this year’s tablescape will be in Dabble Magazine so check it out!

Which brings me to today and why I feel like I have cement in my shoes and it took a large pot of coffee to jump-start my brain.  But a surprise wallpaper delivery totally jolted me back into high gear.  A few weeks ago, I signed a new client who also happens to live in the same condo complex as my Hawthorne clients.  We have been brainstorming on how to bridge his love of rustic and  industrial with the ultra modern elements of his condo.  One of the things I am pretty set on is providing some type of graphic and dynamic background to offset the austere qualities of some of the pieces we are bringing in hence the wallpaper….

My snapshot of the samples don’t do them justice, but I may or may not have done a dance in my kitchen which may or may not frightened our new neighbors.

I am leaning towards the big and bold stripe, called Verve from Graham & Brown…

The paper has a wonderful textural quality and sheen which I think is the perfect foil to the industrial elements in the space.  Plus it provides a nice jumping off point to pull a color palette for the room.  I am now officially excited and ready to go….

Well right after I have another cup of coffee…..

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